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Reflet, the story of an icon

Launched in 1947, its distinctive elegance and unique design have made it an icon of style ever since.
The Reflet watch is back today on the wrists of trendsetters Betty Autier and Mathieu Lebreton and confirms that it is truly timeless.

Only count the joyful hours

Faithful to the Maison Boucheron’s timepiece motto; « I only count the joyful hours », the Reflet watch is the keeper of precious moments rather than the witness of passing time.
© Julot Bandit – Julien Drapier

Enhance your daily life

For its wearer, the Reflet watch captures the instant and makes it unforgettable.
© Julot Bandit – Julien Drapier

Wear the soul of Paris on your wrist

Mathieu Lebreton

Wear the soul of Paris on your wrist

Because it was born at the heart of the Place Vendôme, wearing the Reflet watch is like wearing a piece of the City of Light.
© Julot Bandit – Julien Drapier

Make each passing minute a thing of beauty

Betty Autier

Make each passing minute a thing of beauty

This precious timepiece makes each passing minute a special moment
© Julot Bandit – Julien Drapier

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