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From long pendant earrings featuring gold, rock crystal and precious stones to discreet stud diamond-spangled earrings, the power of fascination of Boucheron creations resides in the perfect balance between shapes and materials. Earrings match the face of their bearers, enhance their eyes and naturally brighten their beauty and charms.

Serpent Bohème ear studs XS Motif Ear studs set with pavé diamonds, in white gold.

The Bohème spirit is about the quest for an artistic ideal, in a way that is carefree, light-hearted and without constraint.
This is the very essence of the Serpent Bohème collection.
Ear studs that offer style for everyday and status for special occasions.

16 round diamonds, 0,25 carats
White gold 750/1000, 2,35g

Serpent Bohème ear studs S Motif Ear studs set with pavé diamonds, in white gold.

There are many drawings to be found in the Archives of the Maison that use the delicate honeycomb technique that enhances the radiance of the diamonds.
The diamonds of the ear studs sublimate the woman's face that will wear them.

16 round diamonds, 0,64 carats
White gold 750/1000, 4,13g

Serpent Bohème Sleepers L Motif Sleepers set with pavé diamonds, in white gold.

The drop motif is elegantly set with diamonds and bordered by gold beads. The refined honeycomb offers a sparkling effect and enhances the radiance of the diamonds.
Carried by this delicate work, the sleepers highlight the perfect sparkle of the diamonds and reveal new dimensions.

64 round diamonds, 2,50 carats
White gold 750/1000, 10,40g

SERPENT BOHÈME EAR CLIPS, L MOTIF Ear clips set with paved diamonds, in white gold

Serpent Bohème, the iconic collection created in 1968, has seventies influences and an alluring look. The large drop motif in this pair of white gold earrings set with diamonds is as extravagant as it is timeless.

64 round diamonds 2,61 carats
White gold 750/1000 13,58 g

SERPENT BOHÈME SLEEPERS, M MOTIF sleepers set with paved diamonds, in white gold

These Serpent Bohème sleepers in white gold set with diamonds will captivate you with their timeless and sensual design. Created in 1968, the iconic Serpent Bohème collection reveals the subversive daring of the Maison Boucheron.

30 round diamonds 1,36 carats
White gold 750/1000 5,38 g

SERPENT BOHÈME PENDANT EARRINGS, XS AND L MOTIFS Pendant earrings set with paved diamonds, in white gold

The Serpent Bohème pendant earrings in white gold set with diamonds echo the bohemian inspirations of the '70s. With their vintage spirit but timeless appeal, to wear Serpent Bohème is to assert your femininity.

112 round diamonds 3,42 carats
White gold 750/1000 15,32 g

Serpent Bohème Pendant Earrings Multi-wear pendant earrings set with round diamonds, in white gold

In white or yellow gold, these eight drops form a cascade, a graceful fall of diamond-paved motifs that is like penetrated by light through the beehive openwork on the backside. This ear jewel metamorphoses in just a twist of your hand: wear the long pendants for an elegant evening or shorten it by five pieces on a lighter occasion.

156 round diamonds 6,21 carats
White gold 750/1000 27,84 g

Serpent Bohème single stud earring S and XS motifs Single stud earring set with round diamonds, in white gold

Combine these incredibly versatile ear studs at will and with any outfit. In yellow or white gold, these fine diamond-paved single drops adorn your ear with an adorable touch of brightness. Add a second detachable motif to it and extend possibilities.

16 round diamonds 0,49 carat
White gold 750/1000 3,65 g

Serpent Bohème Sleepers, XL Motif

Maximum pattern, elegant effect. Sculpted in yellow gold, these sleepers let light in through their honeycomb openings to better reveal the sparkle of their 160 round diamonds crowned with white gold beads.

160 round diamonds, 9.44 carats
18K white gold

Serpent Bohème stud earrings, 3 motifs

Three yellow or white gold teardrops with XXS, XS and S motifs, paved with diamonds, play a variation of the same Serpent Bohème theme, and sketch a sumptuous line all along the ear.

48 round diamonds, 0.96 carats
18K white gold

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