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Exceptional timepieces

Exceptional timepieces

More than just a timepiece, an invitation to dream, where hands of light fade behind wonder.

Pompon Watch Watch in white gold, set with diamonds

The Pompon timepiece is a result of two worlds, between Exceptional Timepieces and High Jewelry. A creation that reinterprets the emblematic signatures of the Maison. For the watch, the rectangular watch-case and double gadroons are represented here by round diamonds and baguettes. And the pompon, a reoccurring image in Boucheron collections since the XIX century.

Set with baguettes and diamonds.
Bracelet with removable pompon that can be worn as a pendant on a chain that comes with the creation.
High precision quartz movement.
Case dimensions: 15mm x 25mm.
White gold 750/1000.

Plume de paon Watch in white gold, marble, baguettes diamonds

The timepiece Plume de Paon is inspired by an imaginary walk in the symmetrical and luxuriant gardens from Umaid Bhawan in which the Indian national bird, the peacock, walks in a total freedom. Subtly paved with a marble marquetry as a tribute to famous palaces, this timepiece is swirling around the wrist as the emblematic necklace shaped as a question mark created by Frédéric Boucheron.

The curves of the feather are subtly highlighted with a white marble marquetry enhanced by round and baguette diamonds specifically sculpted.
The small watch enhanced by a tiara composed of baguettes diamonds is placed in the heart of the feather. The fringes of the feather are set with close diamonds.
High precision quartz movement.
White gold 750 / 1000

Soleil Radiant Watch in white gold, rock crystal and diamonds

In combination with the diamonds radiance, the rock crystal is spreading an extraordinary light revealing contrast and transparency. Fascinated by this translucent stone, Frédéric Boucheron used it to create candy boxes, perfume bottles and other mysterious objects. This art of light is displayed through number of skills and is the Boucheron's hallmark.

Soleil Radiant creation is formed of 5 luminous waves composed of frosted rock crystal and diamonds.
A small round paved watch is glowing in the center of the creation.
High precision quartz movement.
White gold 750 / 1000

Joy de Lumière Watch in white gold set with diamonds.

The Joy de Lumière creation is highlighted by paved and delicate motifs that are finely put together for an airy result. Diamonds possess timeless beauty and are also the most sparkling of stones: in the light, the diamond comes to life, its radiance and brilliance fascinate and the stone seems to “burn” with a bright fire from within.

Watch in white gold 750/1000 set with diamonds.
Dial in white mother-of-pearl set with one diamond.
Bracelet with paved gadroons linked to one row of diamonds.
High precision quartz movement.
Case diameter : 18 mm.

JOY DE LUMIERE Watch in white gold, diamonds and black spinels

Highlighted by cascading spinels and diamonds paved Art Deco patterns, the Joy de Lumière creation is sparkling like a crystal-clear night. It reminds the majestic jewelry of the empresses lavishly embellished with precious stones and diamonds that the Maison Boucheron reinterprets with a contemporary twist.

Watch in white gold 750 / 1000 set with diamonds and black spinels.
Dial set with one diamond.
Twisted bracelet in black spinels.
High precision quartz movement.
Case diameter : 18 mm.

Laïka le Husky Watch in white gold, diamonds, sapphires, spinels, rock crystal and jade

Combined with the brilliance of diamonds, the rock crystal diffuses an extraordinary light that plunge us into a majestic white polar landscape. In this frozen Nature, Laïka le Husky maliciously watches the time fly through a rock crystal lake.

Unique piece
Creation featuring a husky in white gold paved with diamonds, sapphires and spinels resting on its jade pack ice. He maliciously watches the time fly through a rock crystal lake carved out of a block.
High precision quartz movement.
White gold 750 /1000

Marqueterie Watch in white gold, diamonds, buff top moonstones and buff top onyx

Thanks to the best jewelers and watchmakers, this creation reinterprets the art of marquetry in a contemporary way. Inspired by characteristic Naryshkin Baroque shapes, it plays with the light reflected by the architecture of its graphic mosaic made of diamonds, buff top moonstones and buff top onyx.

Marquetry made of diamonds, buff top moonstones and buff top onyx on white gold .
High precision quartz movement.
White gold 750/1000

Khepri à Secret White gold secret timepiece with mother-of-pearl, rubies and diamonds

Heavenly messenger, companion of the day and the sun, that gives rise to extraordinary plays on light and transparency, by both the materials and the gradients of color and engravings.

A light push on the head of the small Messenger, formed by the red ruby cabochon, triggers the opening of the wings. Upper wings made of gadroon shaped mother-of-pearl. Lower wings set with diamonds and rubies.

"Je ne Sonne que les Heures Heureuses" engraved case-back.

Dimensions of the messenger with wings spread: 58mm x 36mm - wings closed: 28mm x 36mm
White gold 750 / 1000

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