26 Vendôme

Le Style en Héritage

26 Vendôme. This is the name that the Maison Boucheron chose to give to its new High Jewelry collection. The collection revisits Boucheron’s creative heritage and the genius of its founder in three major themes. “Nature Triomphante", “Architecture Inspirée” and “Porté Couture” become the initiatory steps of a stylistic journey, designed by Claire Choisne’s Studio de Création.

Chapter 1

Nature Triomphante

Chapter 2

Architecture Inspirée

Chapter 3

Porté Couture


방돔 광장 26번가에서 보낸 편지

메종 부쉐론의 최신 뉴스 및 이벤트를 미리 만나보고 방돔 광장에 자리잡은 최초의 주얼러의 세계를 경험해 보세요.